Office: Administrator, DDCA, Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium

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JVS/DDCA/29/ 2017                                                                    1st May 2017


This is to inform all employees of DDCA that they shall fully cooperate with the efforts of the Administrator in ensuring that the IPL games scheduled at our stadium are held smoothly and that they fully cooperate to ensure that the games are held without any disruptions. In case, any employee is found to be indulging in any activity that may impead or impact the smooth functioning of the game; a serious view of such conduct will be taken. Employees are put to notice that in case they are found attempting to disrupt the holding if the IPL matches, a serious view shall be taken which may even culminate in termination of their services.

 Justice Vikramajit Sen (Retd.)


Appointed by High Court of Delhi

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