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Direction No. 29             16th October 2017

As per the recommendations of the Cricket Affairs Committee after the Interviews of the applicants, following candidates have been appointed for various positions for the Domestic Season 2017-2018:


Senior Selection Committee

Anjum Chopra (Chairperson)

Jaya Sharma, Member

Reshma Gandhi, Member

Junior Selection Committee

Asha Rawat (Chairperson)

Vandana Gupta, Member 

Rafat J Khan, Member 

Senior team:

Sunita Sharma (Head coach)

Rajni Sharma (Assistant coach)

Sushma Chaudhary (Manager)

Priyanka Sisodia (Trainer)

Kyati Sharma (Physio)


Ragini Malhotra (Coach)

Meenakshi Bhaskar (Manager)

Suman Tomar (Trainer)


Khyati Gulani (Head coach)

Deepti Dhyani (Assistant coach)

Meenakshi Gupta (Manager) 

Bhavya Jha (Physio)

Justice Vikramajit Sen

Administrator, DDCA  

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