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Quotation are invited for providing Catering services





Sealed Tender / Quotation are invited  for providing Catering services at Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) situated at Ferozshah Kotla, New Delhi – 110002 from reputed firms/agencies/companies having valid licenses and sanctions and shall have experience in the field of providing catering services / foot items for a minimum period of two years, to quote their best offers in SEALED COVERS for India vs. New Zealand one day International match on 20th October 2016 to be held at Ferozeshahkotla ground, DDCA. (Match Start Timings: 13:30 IST)




The Company is required to give the following details:-






Name of the Company/Firm and complete registered address



Legal Status (Individual, Sole Proprietary firm, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) business, Partnership firm, Consortium, Joint Venture, Limited Company or Corporation)


Status of the signatory of the applicant


Has your company/firm ever changed its name any time? If so, when, the earlier name and the reason thereof?


Name, Designation and Tel. No(s) of the Contact


-Fax No(s)

-E-mail address


Year of commencement of Business


Statutory Details

(Photocopy duly signed to be attached)

- Registration No. of the Firm


- EPF – Registration No.

- ESI Registration No.

- Service Tax, VAT/CST Registration No.

- Name & Address of Bankers alongwith Current Account Details





 (Rs. In Lakhs)


Details of annual financial turnover (gross)


FY 2014 – 2015

FY 2015 - 2016













  1. Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before filling up the document.




  1. Incomplete Documents will be rejected. It is in the interest of perspective applicant that they may inspect the proposed premises before submitting the bid.




  1. DDCA has a requirement of meals (dinner), high tea, food boxes /snack boxes on Match days as under :




Catering at the Media Centre & Media Photographer










Press Conference High Tea

50 Person

Timing to be Confirmed by BCCI



20/10/2016 (Match Day)







High Tea with Snacks

50 Persons

12:00 P.M Onwards



Lunch for Media 

100 Persons

02:00 P.M Onwards



High Tea

125 Persons

04:30 P.M Onwards




125 Persons

07:00 P.M Onwards



Photographers Snack Boxes

50 Boxes

05:00 P.M



Lunch Thali’s

50 Thali’s

01:00 P.M



Dinner Thali’s

50 Thali’s

07:00 P.M

















Press Conference High Tea

50 Person

Timing to be Confirmed by BCCI





  • Coffee & Tea to be served from 12 P.M onwards
  • Caterer not to provide powder Tea & Coffee. Only Coffee Beans,Milk to be provided.
  • Caterer to provide water during Lunch & Dinner
  • Ice Cubes to be provided by the caterer for Photographers
  • Pepsi drinks/Fridges/Ice boxes to be provided by the Sponsor (Pepsi)










Players Area (High Tea + Lunch + Dinner + Running Snacks)

75 Persons




Bay Area (High Tea + Dinner)

256 Persons




New Club House (High Tea + Dinner)

850 Persons




O.C.H Gate No.-06 (Food Box + Water + Frooti , Muffins)

1600 Persons




Gate No.- 08 (Food Box + Water + Frooti , Muffins)

1500 Persons




O.C.H Corporate (High Tea + Dinner)

335 Persons




N.C.H 4th Floor (Snacks / Dinner)

200 Persons




Corporate Box (Snacks/Dinner)

250 Persons






For 18/10/2016 & 19/10/2016


Players practice

Meals & High Tea

60 persons






The vendors may quote separately for catering in the New Clubhouse


and Old Clubhouse as per requirements given above.  The vendor may quote for catering for both or one only i.e. for either of the New Clubhouse or Old Clubhouse.




Please note that the final requirements may have variation depending on the guidelines of BCCI  Sale of tickets etc. The exact requirement will be given 2 days before the match.




  1. The Menu for players for both High Tea and Dinner  and Lunch for the Press will be as per BCCI / ICC guidelines and may be obtained from DDCA office.




  1. The Dinner shall include 2 non-veg dishes, 3 vegetarian dishes, Raita, Salad, 2 desserts etc.




  1. High Tea shall include at least 2 sweets and 3 snacks (like patties, cutlets, samosas, sandwhiches etc).




  1. The vendors may suggest alternative menus for Points 5 & 6 (Eg: 1 non veg dish + vegetables etc) above with costs.




  1. Food boxes and Thalis / Snack Boxes will be vegetarian and vendors may suggest alternative menus along with costs.




  1. The applicant should be in the business of providing catering services for a minimum period of two years as on 30th September 2016.




Other Terms & Conditions:




  1. The necessary details / clarification if any can be obtained from DDCA Office.
  2. All quotations/ offers/ Tenders must be accompanied with D.D in favour of DDCA of Rs 3, 00,000 along with Pan No. / Tin No. / Service Tax Number and I.D Proof with company / Organisation/ Firm’s details of Registration, Memorandum & Articles, Partnership / proprietorship details as the case may be. The said amount shall be retained by DDCA as an interest free security deposit.
  3. The payment for the services provided by the applicant shall be made within 30 working days after the conclusion of the final match.
  4. DDCA reserves its right to accept or reject any of the offers or cancel all offers and also modify conditions or effect any other change in items, terms and conditions.
  5. The envelopes containing quotations SUPERSCRIPED with the name of item is to be addressed to Administrator Delhi & District Cricket Association, Ferozshah Kotla Grounds New Delhi-110002 may be dropped in a box kept in the Administrative office of DDCA during office hours 10 A.M TO 5 P.M.
  6. The quotation must reach the office of the DDCA by Sunday 16th October 2016 BY 1 P.M which will be opened on the same day.
  7. The Incomplete quotations in any manner or lacking in any other respect will be summarily rejected.
  8. In the event another party is sought to be engaged as a supplier for the purposes of the tender, this may only be done by obtaining consent in writing of the Authorised official of DDCA.
  9. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of courts of Delhi.
  10. It is hereby clarified that all rights granted pursuant to the Tender are valid only for this match. No future rights are sought to be granted.
  11. That the service provider is not the member of the DDCA.




The last date for submission of above Tender/Offer/ Quotation for India vs. New Zealand one day International match on 20th October 2016 to be held at Ferozeshah kotla ground, DDCA is 16th October 2016 BY 1 P.M. 






Sunil Jain


CHAIRMAN                                                                                                 13th October, 2016


Tender Committee, DDCA
















India Vs New Zealand Tour  






•          Coffee/green tea / tea .


•          Espresso shot.


•          Green smoothies (Celery/Spinach/Pineapple & Pomegranate)/Coconut milk with avocado shakes/Berries with Almond milk.


•          Scrambled eggs with Butter & Cheese/Masala Omelets/Egg bhurji/Egg dosai.


•          Multigrain bread/Buck wheat bread/hemp bread/Almond & Coconut flour bread.


•          Poha,phulkas


•          Raw organic honey/Feta cheese/Butter


•          Pan cake/ Cheese dosai/idly/Bulgar wheat Kitchadi/Coconut flour roti/freekeh upma


•          Coconut chutney/Mint chutney/Tomato chutnet/Sambar  • Fresh seasonal cut fruits.






•          -Celery pineapple juice / Apple pie smoothie/lean green smoothie 


•          -Multigrain bread/ Crossant / Pita bread


•          -Feta cheese/ Butter/Hummus/raw honey


•          - Breakfast cereal/ muesli with berries, nuts and dry fruits with chilled milk 


•          -Cucumber/carrot/beetroot/onion/tomato/lettuce/olive


•          -Idly/VegetableUthappam/Dosa/ Vegetable poha/Aloo paratta 


•          -Sambar/chutney/Lamb curry


•          -Boiled eggs /Souffleed Omlette / Baked egg with bacon and spinach / Egg filled tacos 


•          -Cut fruits 


•          -Espresso shots/Tea/coffee/Milk


•          - Assorted nuts/ seeds and dry fruits 






•          tomto Soup/brocoli and mushroom soup/zuchini with garlic soup 


•          Hot & Sour Mutton soup/Chicken clear soup/Mutton Bone broth




 Ensure to have one veg and one non veg soup


Salads – ensure to have one veg and one non veg atleast 


 Frank’s sauerkraut salads


Greek salad


Creamy pesto chicken salads with greens


Crunchy Bok Choy slaw


Kale and brussels sprouts 


Strawberry, kiwi & spinach salads


Berries and feta salads


Avial (south indian)




Main course – rice and rotis


•          Quinoa


•          White rice 


•          Brown rice


•          Phulkas/rotis


•          Chicken curry/butter chicken masala or any chciken gravy item 


•          One dry chicken like grilled chicken to be available all the time 




Main course - continued


•          Yellow dal/dal makhini – one dal item at all times


•          Paneer – dish is a must for all the meals for the vegeterians


•          Rasam or sambar 


•          Curds, pickles and papads


•          Cabbage or beans poriyal


•          Avocado raitha or onion raitha with cucmber




•          Any snack with grilled chicken 


•          Any snack for vegeterian like


•          Paneer tikka / chickpeas/pasta 






•          Blueberry yogurt smoothie


•          Healthy red velvet smoothie


•          Kale shake


•          Chocolate banana nut smoothies


•          Fresh figs and cashew butter smoothie






















NZ Cricket Nutritional Requirements and Catering


Guidelines – Game Day






The high level performances and stresses imposed upon players in today’s competitive game demands a more significant impact from the nutritional support provided.  The quality and appropriateness of food choices plays an important part in a player’s and team’s performance, preparation and recovery.  The assistance of catering staff in helping these players prepare is gratefully acknowledged and both the Team and Management thank you in anticipation for any extra time and resources you may use in the preparation of food and nutritional support for the players.






Food and meal preparation outlines




For individual players to meet their nutritional requirements a buffet or smorgasbord style set up for meals is the ideal arrangement.  Players can then select the quantities and variety of food that best meets their individual needs.  The amount of choice and variety of the menu will depend on budgets agreed ahead of time with management.  Variety is important and the outline below provides some suggestions and structure on meal and menu choices.  We recognise some adaptations will be needed to the usual recipes and welcome meal suggestions from the Catering Staff incorporating the nutrient requirements required for top sports performance.  Please remember the players are at the venue to perform and while we recognise there is a temptation to treat or ‘spoil’ them with treats, this is not in the best interest for elite sports performance.




Meal Timing:  It is important that all meals are ready for the times stated in the schedule.  These times have been allocated to ensure that the players’ nutritional requirements are met at the optimum times.  Team Management will advise the catering staff in advance if there are any changes to the schedule.




Protocols for meal service and preparation:


  • Use olive oil based oils and spreads, or canola, rice bran etc
  • Use low fat options such as Carnation Lite n Creamy, lite coconut milk, low-fat (5%) creamed cheese, yoghurt, and skimmed milk when cooking
  • Use lower fat cheese where possible, thinly sliced when required
  • Bake and grill, steam, or boil where possible 
  • Stir-fry or season vegetables for added flavor where possible
  • Bake or boil potatoes 
  • Use lean cuts of meat; remove skin from chicken and fat from meats
  • Always ensure meats are flavourful by seasoning or using herbs etc
  • Use tomato-based pasta sauces over creamy sauces
  • Use light dressings in salads (no full fat mayonnaise) – or serve on the side
  • Stir-fry where possible with minimal added oils
  • Serve all mayonnaise, gravy, white sauces on the side or separately
  • DO NOT use hot spices (curries and chilli) at meal service, and identify recipes containing these ingredients if any






Please try to avoid: o Deep frying


  • Using excessive oil while cooking o Using cream in dishes
  • High fat gravy, white and cheese sauce o Heavy use of high fat cheese
  • Addition of oil, margarine, cream or butter to vegetables and vegetable dishes o Significant amount of coconut cream o Fried rice






Service of Meals:


  • Please print out the whole menu on A4 size paper and display in an obvious place, so the team can see the choice.  It is also helpful to label each individual meal item; some foods may be new to the players.
  • Please serve food in long low dishes (not small and deep)
  • Have condiments and dressings / mayonnaises on buffet
  • Serve jugs of water and cordial on each table
  • Serve salt and pepper on tables
  • Please ensure meals are served on time (meal times may change at the last minute but we will endeavor to keep you as up to date as possible)
  • Ensure meal dishes are kept full to prevent players waiting for another dish to be brought out from the kitchen
  • Please note that players tend to eat a meal very quickly (within 15-30 minutes), and they are often on a busy schedule, so please avoid keeping the players waiting for food Meal Specifications and Portions:


Please remember to prepare enough food to ensure you do not run out of food items.  If in doubt, please check with the Team Manager if you are unsure.




  • Estimate 200g of raw meat/fish/poultry per person per protein dish (usually 2 protein dishes)
  • Estimate 1 cup of carbohydrate (rice/pasta/potato/starchy veges) per person per dish (usually 2 carbohydrate dishes)
  • Estimate 1 cup of Vegetables/Salad per person per dish (usually 2-3 vegetable/salad dishes)




Foods to Avoid:


Please avoid the following foods as they are not suited to a Cricketer’s diet.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us for advice.


  • Sour Cream (use Lite)
  • Cream Cheese (it is OK to use 5% lite only)
  • Excessive amounts of high fat Cheeses (mainly use Edam, Parmesan, Mozzarella,


Gouda or Low Fat Slices) o Cream


  • Sausages, Saveloys, Salami, Processed Meats, Luncheons, Pork Ribs o High fat cooking methods – deep frying o Rich / Creamy Sauces o Croissants / Pastries o Savouries
  • High fat Muffins / Cakes / Baking / Crackers
  • High fat Creamy Soups o Mayonnaise (use low fat option) o French Dressings (use low fat options) o Creamy / Buttery / High fat Desserts
  • No deep-fried food




NB:  Menu items are produced as suggestions and guidelines.  The menu options and suggestions are not exclusive and other options can be included with the agreement of the Team Management and NZC Nutritionist.  Incorporating personal touches in line with the sports performance nutrition recommendations into the recipes and menus is appreciated.




The staff and management appreciate the effort and expertise of the Catering Staff in the meal preparation for the Team.








Menu Plan Recommendations




Please place water and cordial jugs on the table for all meals to promote intake, assist with hydration and replacing fluid loss.




All Day Food




Please provide the following all day ready from when the players arrive at the ground:


  • Toasted sandwich making facility
  • Blender(s) for making smoothies
  • Fresh fruit including bananas and berries for smoothies and apples
  • Low fat muesli and cereal bars
  • Tea and coffee
  • Refrigerator - stocked and topped up during the day with: low fat milk, low fat yoghurt (large tub of plain yoghurt for smoothies and small assorted flavour tubs for individual use), grated cheese, lean ham, tuna, lettuce, tomatoes and grated carrots.
  • Mix of wholegrain and white bread (50/50 split) for making sandwiches
  • Crackers (low fat and grain-type versions), rice crackers, corn thins, rice cakes etc with toppings including cheese, hummus, cottage cheese, 5% lite creamed cheese, tinned tuna, etc.
  • Creamed rice or rice puddings in tins (low fat)
  • Dried fruit and nuts


Effort to ensure the above foods are served and kept fresh and topped up throughout the day is very much appreciated.








  • Please make food interesting and flavoursome for the players but avoid hot or spicy foods.  Seasoned or herbed meats and vegetables are a must instead of plain boiled or steamed veges etc which are not very appetising
  • Salads - A variety of salads should be used and I would encourage local/seasonal ingredients.  Please dress lightly or have salad dressing to the side of the salad dish.  An Olive Oil & Balsamic dressing will be the most common requested along with a citrus based dressing
  • Please make salads interesting by including a wide variety of vegetables and various cutting/slicing techniques, also include toasted nuts, seeds and/or sliced fruit in salads
  • Estimate 200g of raw meat/fish/poultry per person per protein dish
  • Estimate 1 cup of carbohydrate (rice/pasta/potato/starchy veges) per person per dish 
  • Estimate 1 cup of Vegetables/Salad per person per dish 
  • Please season dishes with salt & pepper and/or other herbs – avoid cooking with butter
  • As our teams are often playing for a number of consecutive days, please make an effort to provide variety with the salads and vegetables, as well as other dishes provided.  An effort to add an interesting twist to a dish that still complies with these guidelines is greatly appreciated by the team
  • Foods/meals that should NOT be served at lunch on game days:


o Lasagne, Curries, Heavy Stews or similar, Sausages or other fatty meats, Macaroni cheese, Frittatas or other high fat pastry-type dishes




Meal Options for Lunch




Each lunch must provide the following:


  • 2 Hot Meat or Chicken or Fish dishes (they can include vegetables)
  • 2 Hot Carbohydrate options (can be served combined with meats above)
  • 1 Cold Meat dish
  • 2 Salad options (one with cous cous or pasta)
  • Condiments to add to your salad:  Toasted sunflower seeds, toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted nuts, bean shoots, crostinis, Shredded Ice berg lettuce leaves, selection of dressings
  • Large Bowl of Fresh fruit salad 
  • Selection of individual tubs of low-fat fruit yoghurt, or large bowl of yoghurt
  • Selection of raw whole fruit § Tea, coffee, water, low fat milk § Extras:


o Please have a toaster and a sandwich press available for use by the players




Plus choose one of the following options:




  1. 1.      Fill your own Sandwiches/Rolls/Baguettes etc (vary bread types and fillings) Choose from the following:


«  Selection of breads, including white, wholemeal, wholegrain and rye - sliced, rolls, bagels, foccacia, french bread etc.


«  Spreads (e.g. margarine, avocado, cottage cheese, sundried tomatoes, relish, gherkins, pesto etc)


«  Protein (e.g. Roast Beef, Shredded Chicken breast, Tuna (flavoured tins and plain), lean sliced ham, cottage cheese, edam, hummus, cold sliced eggs)


«  Salad vegetables (e.g. tomato, lettuce, cucumber, coleslaw, grated carrot, beetroot, beansprouts, grated carrot, sliced avocado, pineapple etc)


«  And low fat mayonnaise






  1. 2.      Make your own noodle or rice box


«  Soba Noodles or egg noodles, with stir-fried chicken, lean pork, Chinese vegetables


«  And selection of chilli sauce, cashew nuts, coriander, snow pea shoots, Thai basil, galangal and lemon grass dressing


«  Please also serve Basmati or white rice




  1. 3.      Make your own Pita pockets 


«  Flavoured seared beef and chicken tenderloins, shredded salad, tomatoes, grated carrot, cucumbers, sprouts, hummus, guacamole and yoghurt dressing




  1. 4.      Make your own fajitas


«  Beef, chicken, capsicum, onions, guacamole, low fat yoghurt, hummus, salsa




Post-Game Day Food




Please ensure the following foods and fluids are available in the changing rooms at the conclusion of each days play (have these fresh, ready and available for consumption as soon as the players leave the field):




  • Flavoured milk drinks for optimal recovery post-each days play (both 600ml bottles AND 250ml Tetrapacks – 15-20 of each)
  • White bread sandwiches/rolls/wraps with protein, salad and cheese fillings
  • Selection of sushi (mainly chicken and salmon based) – 75-100 individual pieces.  Please provide wasabi, and pickled ginger.  No vegetarian sushi unless specifically requested § Selection of fresh whole fruits




Special note for night time fixtures:


For games finishing late at night (i.e. after 7.30pm) please provide a hot meal as per the Lunch guidelines above. 








*Any questions with regards to these guidelines, please contact the Team Manager or NZC Nutritionist.





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